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Powered by Direct Drive
Premium Quicknut
Stop, Lock & Index
8 Balancing Modes
Automatic 3-D Data Entry
Basic Adapter Kit Included

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Coats Reliability and Durability Meets Tilt-back. RELIABLE. DURABLE. TILTBACK.

An innovative tiltback design built with the legendary reliability and durability of the Coats brand that you have come to rely on. Rigidly built, these machines are capable of servicing tires from 6” to 24” in diameter.

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AMMCO® Brake Lathe 4000B & 4100B Combination Disc and Drum

The AMMCO® 4000B and the 4100B Combination Disc and Drum Brake Lathes have been professionals’ first choice for more than 50 years. And for good reason. It’s simple. It’s fast. It’s very precise.

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6,600 LB./3.0T

Compact Design Ideal for Tyres, Brakes, Body Repair & Fast Lube Service

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About TreadReader Hand Held

The TreadReader  Hand Held scanner is a compact and lightweight device. It is quick and easy to use and eliminates the errors associated with manual depth gauges. The scanner is positioned on one edge of a tyre and operated by sliding it across the tread face. Accurate tread depth readings for tyres of all vehicle types, such as passenger cars, LCVs, HGV, buses, and trailers, can reveal badly worn or unevenly worn tyres symptomatic of problems such as wheel misalignment or worn suspension. Colour coded 3D scans enable tyre replacement at the optimum time to maximise tyre safety and present revenue opportunities to the trade from increased tyre sales or service hours. TreadReader  is suitable for wet or dirty tyres and is ideal for all tyre inspection applications in workshops, service centres, inspection lanes, commercial vehicle yards and at the roadside. The calculated data can be imported into any fleet management system and from September 2018, data from Hand Held scanners can be uploaded to TreadManager  for improved management of tyres sales opportunities

3D Tyre Measurement Technology


The patented TreadReader tyre measurement technology creates a detailed 3D scan of each tyre, constructed from 320,000 measurement points, with an accuracy of < 0.2mm or 0.008”. By scanning the full width of the tyre and 50mm around the tyre, Treadreader   devices far surpass the accuracy and reliability of traditional dip gauges and non-contact ‘laser pointer’ measurement devices. Advanced software algorithms produce detailed colour coded 3-dimensional tyre tread images which show the condition of the tyre tread with absolute clarity. When presented to a vehicle owner, TreadReader scans immediately convey tyre condition and remove any perceived barriers to tyre replacement should tread depth be insufficient or illegal.

Smartphone & Tablet App


3D scans of the tyre tread using the TreadreaderTM Hand Held scanner can be viewed on a tablet, mobile phone or PC, alongside the calculated tread depths. The Treadreader App for Android mobile devices is available to download, with simple steps to connect the mobile device with the scanner. Together, the App and scanner are an invaluable tyre inspection and diagnostic tool for all workshops and dealerships. The App connects easily to the scanner via Wi-Fi, with intuitive screens to guide technicians through the scanning of vehicle tyres. The App generates a Customer Report showing vehicle identification, 3D tyre scans with colour-coded tread warning and error alarms for every axle and tyre position.

Product Specification - Hand Held

Dimensions (L x W x H)186mm x 96mm x 84mm = 7.3" x 3.8" x 3.3"
Scan zone50mm x 26mm = 2" x 1"
Measurement accuracy<0.2mm = 0.008"
Laser classClass 1
Operating temperature0°-50°C = 32°F-122°F
CommunicationConnect directly to phone or over Wi-Fi network
Environmental ratingIP 54
Power5V DC rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Mobile device software license
Android 5.1 or later, Windows (future release)
Battery take-back serviceMore information

A Revolution in Tyre Sales Management

Sigmavision’s TreadManager™ is the new, cloud-based Tyre Sales Management service, fully integrated with all TreadReader tyre measurement products. TreadManager™ has been designed to improve workshop productivity and increase tyre sales.

By logging in to the TreadManager™ Portal, workshops can view professionally presented data and reports of tread depth and tyre wear for all vehicles, which have been scanned using the TreadReader Hand Held scanner or Drive Over ramp.

Workshop and Service Managers can view reports on the number of vehicles scanned, technician activity, and sales opportunities for tyres and wheel alignment. TreadManager™ integrates with eVHC systems to eliminate all manual tyre measurement processes.

On a desktop monitor or tablet, the tyre scans and vehicle reports can easily be shared with customers, to increase authorisations for tyre replacement or related services. TreadManager™ enables workshops to maintain customer data to predict tyre lifetime, and build trust with customers, by helping them make informed decisions about tyre replacement

Why TreadReader 3D Scans are so compelling


TreadManager reports incorporate the unique, TreadReader 3D tyre scan images. Unrivalled in the industry, these images are intuitive and quickly build trust with the customer. The scans present the full tyre width and 50mm of the tyre’s circumference. Around 300,000 data points on the tyre patch ensure accurate and repeatable measurements, even if tyres are wet or dirty, with an accuracy of < 0.2mm. The accurate tread depth images reveal any uneven wear, symptomatic of wheel misalignment or worn suspension, so no additional investment is required for wheel alignment check equipment. The scans enable tyre replacement at the optimum time to maximise tyre safety.

TreadManager Data and Reporting

With TreadManager, tyre measurement becomes an integral part of vehicle inspection for

servicing or repair. Either stand-alone or integrated with an existing eVHC, TreadManager
improves tyre management information and reporting.
Time is saved when measuring tyres and TreadManager provides fully traceable, datestamped tyre data as evidence of tyre condition. Data collected over several visits leads to
improved customer conversations regarding planned tyre replacement. TreadManager
data can be used proactively to anticipate demand and to target customers ahead of a legal
requirement to replace tyres.
TreadManager provides a hierarchy of User Profiles to exactly meet business needs at all
levels within the business. So a Service Technician using the TreadReader Hand Held scanner,
or Drive Over ramp, can create and then view tyre scans for individual or multiple vehicles.
Above that, a Service or Workshop Manager is able to view Tyre Report Metrics and track tyre
scanning activity by technician.
Intended also for multiple workshop locations, or multi-franchised dealerships,
TreadManager offers a Group User Profile, for reporting across any number of technicians,
workshops and franchises.

TreadManager User Profile

User ProfileAccess levels and functionality
Technician / Service AdvisorAbility to create and view individual or multiple scans and tyre reports; Can search for individual reports, or filter report search results.
Workshop ManagerAs for Technician, plus: Can view report Matrics; create new workshop and user profiles; manage workshop settings (e.g. tread depth boundaries) and view staff comparisons.
Group AdministationAs for Workshop Manager, plus: Can set up multiple Workshop accounts and manage eVHC integration settings.

Compatibility with TreadReader Product Range

Integrated with TreadManager
Produces detailed 3D tread depth scan
Integrates with garage management system
Produces operator report incorporating vehicle ID and colour coded tread depth indicators
Fully automatic system with no operator intervention
Surface or flush mounted and best suited to service drive applications
Suitable for service bay, mobile and roadside applications
Cycle time within permitted speed range

Automotive Tyre Equipment

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