TreadReader Drive Over - Automotive Tyre Equipment Australia & NZ
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About TreadReader Drive Over

The TreadReader Drive Over ramp is a fully automated tread depth measurement system for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The ramp is available in 3 specifications: Surface Mounted or Flush Mounted for workshop applications, and a ‘Beyond the Workshop’ specification for the highest traffic-volume retail locations, such as public carparks. As vehicles pass over the ramp, the TreadReader laser measurement system captures outstanding 3D images, revealing tread depth and tyre wear. ALPR captures the vehicle registration. A vehicle speed of 4-8mph is permitted. The system records 300,000 data points on each tyre to ensure accurate and repeatable measurements, even if tyres are wet or dirty. The system is kept clean by the use of air knives and a shutter mechanism. Surface Mounted ramps require no groundworks, whilst a shallow pit is required for the flush mounted ramp.m

Unrivalled 3D Tyre Scan

Sigmavision’s TreadReader 3D scan is unrivalled in the industry. The accurate tread depth images reveal any uneven wear, symptomatic of wheel misalignment or worn suspension, so no additional investment is required for wheel alignment check equipment. The scans enable tyre replacement at the optimum time to maximise tyre safety. TreadReader 3D tyre scan images are easy to understand and are an effective way to improve trust with the customer, with use of the Customer Tyre Report The scans present the full tyre width and 50mm of the tyre’s circumference. Around 300,000 data points on the tyre patch ensure accurate and repeatable measurements, even if tyres are wet or dirty, with an accuracy of < 0.2mm

Ramp Operation and Interface


An automatic licence plate recognition (ALPR) camera captures the vehicle registration as the vehicle approaches the ramp and all data files are saved to this registration. Tyre scans reveal 50mm around the circumference of the tyre. This ensures grit, stones, mud or water on the tyre surface do not affect the tread depth measurements. The 3D tyre scans are communicated over Ethernet to the PC. A software license is provided to run TreadReader™ software on the PC. The software analyses tyre scans, generates 3D scan images and calculates tread depth. The 3D tyre scan images, tread depth measurements and operator recommendations are displayed on a PC monitor, or mirrored screen, as shown. All data is also easily imported into existing Electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) software, for example eDynamix iVHC, and from September 2018, all data from Drive Over Ramps can be uploaded to TreadManager™ for improved Management of tyre sales opportunities

Product Specification - Drive Over

Ramp dimensions (L x W x H)1.38m x 0.61m x 0.08m ≈ 4.5’ x 2’ x 3.1”
Total footprint (L x W)1.38m x 2.09m ≈ 4.5’ x 6.8’
Maximum scan width2 x scan zones of 600mm ≈ 23.6”
Arc length viewed (min)35-50mm ≈ 1.4-2”
Measurement accuracy< 0.2mm
DirectionalMeasures leading edge of the tyre
Maximum vehicle speed6.5-13 km/h ≈ 4-8 mph
Cycle time within permitted speed rangeApprox 10 secs (from front axle of 1st car to front axle of 
next car including display of scans and measurements)
PowerMains (230VAC, 5A) for PC and touch screen 12VDC, 2A for roll-over ramp
Measurement triggerPressure switch
Maximum axle weight1,500Kg
Environmental protectionShutter + air knives (compressed air supply required, if portable >100L, >10CFM)
Environmental ratingIP67 min
Operating temperature range0°C - 50°C ≈ 32°F - 122°F
Data outputs3D tyre scans and tread depths
Software licenseWindows 7 or later / security key protected